Finance & Administration


Handle the financial resources of the Town in a safe, fair, accurate, efficient and professional manner to meet all areas of responsibilities; including compliance with Federal, State and Local laws and ordinances and generally accepted accounting principals. Provide timely and accurate reports that are easy to read which report the financial position and performance of the Town to the Town Council, management and general public

Major Services/Responsibilities

Budget Preparation and Control Preparation of Financial Statements, Grant Financial Compliance, Cash Management, Assist in Independent Audit, Debt Financing, Account and Bank Reconciliations, Research and Analysis, Compliance to GAAP, GAAFR and GASB policies and statements, Compliance to Federal, State, and Local law and ordinances, Audit and processing of Accounts Payable, Payroll and Cash Receipts

Staff Contacts

Staff Contacts


Finance Director

(603) 432-1100 x138

Accounts Payable

(603) 432-1100 x143