Department of Public Works

Department of Public Works


The Londonderry Department of Public Works (DPW) preserves, protects and maintains all Town assets through safe and proper preventative maintenance and emergency response with a high level of service for all its citizens, businesses and the visiting public.  We strive to provide the highest quality of public service within the 4 divisions of our department in a cost-efficient manner including but not limited to the following responsibilities:  snow and ice removal, stormwater management, pavement preservation, cemeteries, public buildings & grounds, and the towns fleet.

Directors Message:

Welcome to the Town of Londonderry Department of Public Works webpage.  We hope you find this page as informative and helpful as our dedicated staff.  Working as a team helps us bring you a service that we believe is “second to none”.  It takes a great commitment to share our vast knowledge and experience across the department to service and maintain a town as large as Londonderry. 

Londonderry covers 42 square miles, has 371 lane miles of a Town maintained roadway network, 9 public facilities, 8 cemeteries, a Common and many recreational locations.  We understand it takes excellent communication among our staff to bring you the level of service you would expect for this community of over 25,000 residents.  During weather emergencies; we must be in a state of readiness no matter the circumstances, 24 hours a day all year long.  We take our role as First Responders extremely seriously.  We must provide the safest means of travel within Londonderry for our emergency services.  This allows Police, Fire and Paramedics to get to you as quickly as possible during your time of crisis.  Our motto is “Red and Blue follow Yellow”.   Our staff truly understands the importance of that charge.  The entire staff of 16 make it a goal to assist each other and will often flex our work load in order to achieve our mission statement.  I hope you find our level of service as high as one should expect when living in a community as wonderful as Londonderry.  I encourage you to reach out to us anytime for all your community needs.


Dave Wholley,                                                                                       Director of Public Works and Municipal Facilities

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